TMF Areas of Support

The MOAA Foundation (TMF) is proud to serve all members of the uniformed services community. Through 5 targeted areas of support, TMF provides life-changing programs and support to active duty members, veterans, military spouses, caregivers, survivors, and families regardless of rank or branch of service.

Career Transition

The MOAA Foundation (TMF) Career Transition program offers uniformed service members and veterans of all ranks and their families high-quality, career-development events and activities designed to introduce them to a range of civilian career possibilities, including professional certifications, advanced education and training, franchise ownership and entrepreneurship.


I could not be more pleased with both a much-needed résumé and LinkedIn profile refresh and the greater sense of confidence I gained to confront the job market. I was very pleased with this great service provided by MOAA and the professionals. Thanks to your team for serving our transitioning military and veterans.

Tom Brinegar

Community Outreach

The MOAA Foundation Community Outreach program provides grants to MOAA councils and chapters delivering direct assistance to military families in their local communities in nine areas of critical military and veteran family need. A number of MOAA councils and chapters nationwide are engaged in this type of very real, high-impact, community work. Financial assistance is provided to military families and veterans of all ranks. MOAA has 400+ councils and chapters in 50 states. This program is supported by corporate, foundation and public donations.


Thanks to MOAA my wife and I had a life changing experience! Never before has any agency responded so quickly to our needs. My wife Judy and I were at our wits end when we found a billboard across from the Phoenix VA that stated that they would help military families. A lot say they will but at a snail’s speed. This organization jumped right on it and stayed in constant contact with us. I can’t thank you all enough. You make me proud to have served this country as a United States Marine.

Daryl and Judy Morris, Community Outreach Grant beneficiaries

Crisis Relief

In April 2020, The MOAA Foundation launched an emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund to support military families impacted by the pandemic. Thanks to the support of more than 2,000 benevolent donors from around the world, we provided tens of thousands of dollars in individual emergency relief grants and MOAA council and chapter grants. As the pandemic has ebbed, however, crisis-related needs of military families and veterans still exist.

The MOAA Foundation Crisis Relief Fund — set to launch in Spring 2022- is an enduring emergency relief fund to assist uniformed services personnel, veterans, and their families in the midst of crisis.


This is by far, the most organized, veteran backed, community caring, member participating, outreaching organization I’ve ever been a part of.  This was such a blessing to me.

Antha Melvin, COVID 19 Grant Recipient

Professional Education Outreach

The MOAA Foundation provides funding that enables MOAA subject-matter experts to travel to over 50 U.S. military installations each year to present seminars offering critical information affecting the quality of life of thousands of currently serving military members, veterans and their families. Because MOAA is a highly trusted and well-respected national voice for military families of all ranks and all services, MOAA is one of the very few organizations whose subject-matter experts are invited on base/installation to conduct these seminars.

Spouse Professional Development

The MOAA Foundation Military Spouse Professional Development program comprises several components designed to educate, train and empower military spouses to establish and sustain a successful career while meeting the challenges of a modern military family lifestyle. The program content is guided by the MOAA Currently Serving Spouse Advisory Council through continuous feedback regarding the types of syllabi, educational and training tools needed to best serve the professional development of military spouses.