Community Outreach Grants

The MOAA Foundation Community Outreach program provides grants to MOAA councils and chapters delivering direct assistance to military families in their local communities in nine areas of critical military and veteran family need. A number of MOAA councils and chapters nationwide are engaged in this type of very real, high-impact, community work. Financial assistance is provided to military families and veterans of all ranks. MOAA has 400+ councils and chapters in 50 states. This program is supported by corporate, foundation and public donations.

The Need

The two longest wars in the nation's history have directly affected the lives of almost 3 million service men and women who have deployed to combat zones and their families since 2002. Over 400,000 of these service members and veterans have had at least three combat tours of duty. According to the 2011 Rand study, “The Invisible Wounds of War,” approximately 20 percent of those deployed are living with one or more serious mental health issues. The pressure on these families-on those still serving and on those who have returned to the civilian community-is immeasurable and often debilitating.

The Program

To address this urgent need in local communities, the MOAA Foundation Community Outreach program leverages the power of the nationwide MOAA Council/Chapter network. It offers grants to MOAA Councils and Chapters directly involved in providing assistance to local uniformed service members and veterans, and their families, to improve their quality of life. Grants are awarded to MOAA Councils and Chapters delivering services-either directly or through partnerships with other community organizations- in one of ten areas of critical military and veteran family need:
  • Housing
  • Food Assistance
  • Employment
  • Health (including Behavioral Health)
  • Family Support
  • Community Reintegration
  • Financial Assistance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Relief
To qualify for a grant, the MOAA Council/Chapter must either deliver the services directly or must occupy a leadership position (council, board, committee member, etc.) of a local community collaboration delivering these types of services. MOAA Councils/Chapters are solely responsible for ensuring all MOAA Foundation grant funds are disbursed only in support of programs and services approved by the grant criteria and falling within one or more of the nine critical areas of need listed above.


My children and I wanted to give you all a huge thank you to the MOAA program. You all have given your absolute heart and soul to helping others; we find it quite amazing. Giving us hope in such a rough time is the most gracious gift we could ever imagine.

- Philicia Bupp, beneficiary of a relief program made possible by a Community Outreach Grant